Frequently asked questions

The cost for creating a website varies depending on the specific project requirements. Please contact us for a personalized cost assessment.

The time required for website development depends on the complexity of the project. Generally, we provide an estimated completion time based on the project specifications.

The standard package includes website design, development of basic functionalities, basic SEO integration, and training for platform usage.

Maintenance costs vary based on the specific needs of the website. These may include periodic updates, security, and technical support. For exact details, please contact us.

For domains with the “.ro” extension, we recommend visiting to make the purchase. If you wish to acquire a domain with a different extension or explore additional options, we suggest checking the GoDaddy platform. For assistance with this process, please contact our team.

Avoiding special characters in the domain name contributes to improved SEO and makes the website address easier to remember for visitors.

You can contact us through the support form or send an email to the technical support address. Our team will assist you in resolving issues as quickly as possible.

Yes, we offer content update services. Please send us the desired changes, and our team will take care of the updates.

We provide search engine optimization (SEO) services aimed at improving the website’s position in search results. We can offer detailed consultation in this regard.

We implement advanced security protocols, including regular security updates, SSL certificates, and constant monitoring to ensure a high level of protection for our clients’ websites.