Web design portfolio and projects made by the cool web team, see examples of websites presenting online stores or online restaurants.


Each project we’ve been involved in is a small part of CoolWeb’s mission to provide a top-notch experience for both our customers and their visitors.
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Concept built from scratch with graphic design representative of the type of business selling phone accessories.
Customization of phone model identification for easier navigation to compatible products.

hufo product example design


Real Estate Agency built from the ground up with add-on functionality automatically adding properties from the CRM, with advanced administration functionality, import and API integrations.

mobile demo product
global dream mobile example
description globaldream design


Finedigital.ro is a sleek and modern website that showcases the design skills of coolweb. The website features a unique round design that sets it apart from the standard square layout. The website is visually stunning, with a clean and organized interface that makes navigation a breeze.
The end result is a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, making it the perfect platform for showcasing the services offered by Finedigital.